Cast iron sewer line has an epoxy coating. What is it?

The coating pictured appears to be an epoxy painted on the pipe to, possibly, hold the pipe together. However, the pipe is not leaking, nor does it smell and it felt sturdy. The pipe under the coating appears to be cracked or has exfoliation corrosion (spalling), it is not smooth like a new pipe. The coating is very hard. House was built in 1900. What is the coating and what is the purpose? BTW, I reported it as deficient.

What was the deficiency you reported?

Deficiency reported = Previous damage, cracked and repaired.

vent stack! :cowboy_hat_face:

My pictures are of the sewer pipe exit through the basement wall. I do not understand the “vent stack!” reference. Please help me to understand.

Just showing a cast iron vent as it goes thru the attic & terminates outside on the roof.
The rust & repair patch indicates probable hidden damages to the connected sewer line. :cowboy_hat_face:

Looks like a patch job by home owner. Call it out as Improper repair to corroded drain assembly noted at +++. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified plumber for proper repair and correction.

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Many plumbing codes allow the use of a Fernco style coupling to connect dissimilar materials on a non pressure application. With this said, that appears to be PVC butted up against cast iron with a band clamp, the two different pipes (PVC & Cast Iron) are different diameters requiring a different repair connection. That needs to be addressed as requiring a professional repair.

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Great info thanks William!

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