Caution! Anyone else getting these?

Good day,
I am Sisa Rafuza Investment Portfolio Manager Metropolitan Asset Managers South Africa. I contacted you in regards to a late client who has an undisclosed fixed deposit account balance with our Security Investment Corporation (clearing house) which is dormant. Being mandatory for our security clearing house to locate a next of kin or beneficiary to his investment, all effort to locate and contact his family or relatives proved unsuccessful.

Based on the above, I contact you with a proposal for you to act in this capacity as sole beneficiary to my late client’s investment as banking and financial rules and regulations (Law) warrants the bank to withhold such unclaimed investment for a period of 5 years thereafter to be transfered into a suspence account of the financial institution (Bank) treasure if unclaimed.

In this regards, I seek your assistance in clearing the investment deposit and subsiquent transfer to you as the beneficiary. All legal procedures will be followed for clearance and transfer unto your possession for safe keep on receipt of your acceptance.

Feel free to contact me by email: On receipt of your response/acceptance to this proposal, detailed information and necessary steps will be disclosed to you.

Sisa Rafuza
Investment Portfolio Manager
Metropolitan Asset Managers

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If you are don’t fall for this scam and answer back.


You mean this is your first? These are the famous Nigerian based internet scam operations. Generally, they operate out of a cheap flat in London, and for some reason can’t be squashed. Some of them are sophisticated enough that, if you reply and don’t have good anti-virus and spyware protection, they can then attach phishing spyware stuff and steal your identity. Simply delete them, or notify your ISP.

The latest twist on this is the mail notification, mailed either out of Canada or France, in which you are notified that you have won a lottery (without ever having entered, no less!), they send you an official-looking check, which you are instructed to deposit in your bank account, a large portion of which you will, of course, give back to these “lottery administrators” to cover the “taxes” on the lottery winnings. Take these to the local post office. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEPOSIT OR CASH THESES CHECKS!!!

It is amazing to me that, in this day and age, these people can’t be caught.

No what is amazing to me is people are still falling for these scams…if something sounds too good to be true then HEY…it is a scam.

Sad to say this but…in todays age if someone falls for a scam like that well they just may deserve it ( sigh ) yet hope they learn from the experience.

Just like the cheaper home inspections, some people fall for!:wink:

lol…well generally you do get what you paid for I guess…

There was a county treasurer her in MI who got into one of these for about 185k. Pretty much wiped out the county budget, as well as 72k of his own.
It’s not that they can’t catch them, the countries where the scams are originating from don’t, or wont, prosecute, and the crime is not one the US will try to get extradition for.

No it’s not my first, just hoping to save someone from this scam!

As far as these scams; If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I get about 10 everyday.