I want you to be my partner.

I’m gonna be rich!!! I got this e-mail today.

My Dear

I am Mr Tutu Johnson a Zimbabwean, and I have a very sensitive for you.
In view of the urgent and private nature of our intentions to go into a
joint investment programme with your establishment in your Country,
although it might come to you as surprised , but I have no option than to
write you my Business proposal through INTERNET, which I wish and
request that you forward to me the direct contact of your Establishment. I
understand that your country is good for an investment, although this
might not be your field; still I believe it will benefit you and your

I am soliciting your humble attentions to this matter as we will like
to discuss the terms and conditions of the investment policies before we
can commence with the perfection of documentations that will assume
this venture the beneficiary of the investment funds.

We (Late MR. BOCKRIE JOHNSON FAMILY) have in our disposal a sum of
$20.5M. (Twenty Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) that
we wish for your ventures co- operation in securing and investing these
funds into the financial system of your country without any
complication, We have confidence in your investment opportunities to withstand the
value of these funds for the required period of time we shall agree on.

I will also like you to treat my humble request with integrity and
confidentiality as the political system in the country in Europe demands
that we secure and invest these funds now without delay.

Please be fast to forward your private e-mail addresses, mobile phone
number(s), and direct fax lines so that I can open communication with
you, discuss your sweet able percentage of your Management Fees, and the
modalities of the legitimate transaction.

Note this transaction is risk free, since the necessary documentation
is with me and all I need from you to agreed with my business proposal
and plan the best way to transfer the Funds into your nominated Bank
account of your Choice for further investment.

Finally, please note that this must be concluded within two to three
weeks. Please write back promptly with the following email address

E-Mail: tutujohnson@fsmail.net

Thanks and Remain bless.

Mr Tutu Johnson

My response was…
I will be glad to help you. Please contact me at this phone number so that we can expidite this transfer of funds.

(Chicago F.B.I. office #):stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have received three similar email letters in the last three days. One from a poor widow in scotland, one from a wealthy gentleman in england, and someone from madrid, all want me to help with fund located in banks in england, to tranfer deposit in my account and then send funds to them. They will pay me lots of bucks. Ya Right. They must think we are really stupid

I got the England one that was funny. They just found millions of pounds, like how the hell did they lose in the first place!!

I suppose there are people who really fall for some of these emails. I don’t understand how, most of these emails are written as if the people do not know how to write or can’t speak/write english very well, it is all a hoax of taking money from the innocent. You would have to be pretty naive to fall for something like this. There is a place to forward emails like that, I think it is the ICC or something like that. I always respond to those emails stating that out of concern for them I have takin the liberty of forwarding their email to our homeland security to see if they can help them.


That is a good one giving them the Chicago FBI Office phone number, I will definately have to use that for future emails I receive like that. (I somehow missed that in your first post) hahaha!!

sniffle, sniffle Are you saying I’m not gonna get some money? I responded a month ago to one like this, but nothin’s happened yet. sniffle I promised my sweetie at trip to Europe…oh, dear[size=2]…tears welling in my eyes–sniffle[/size]

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: