CCPIA killing it at the NAR convention


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Realtors LOVE cheap, inexperienced inspectors!
Investors and ‘real’ Businesspersons, not-so-much!

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That’s only residential agents. The commercial and industrial agents want the best CCPIA members they can find.

Walk into the light: Say the word “hundred” one last time. From now on say “thousands.” …

No thanks, I’ll stick with “Tens of Thousands”, thank you very much!

I dare you to wear an IREP t-shirt tomorrow :rofl:


:rofl: I think you have your REPs and your IREPs backwards.

More like:

Our new slogan is: iREP: No one high up in the government is trying to obliterate us.


:rofl: Got a couple of t-shirt ideas to get things going:

No, I don’t. Internachi IREP doesn’t even exist on Google… or in real life either… other than a link to the Internachi MB!!

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We have more members than you think. Especially after today.

Of what?
There is NOTHING on the website except a link to this MB!
Just because you conned internachi members into “early signup” doesn’t mean squat!!

I don’t think any InterNACHI members joined. But iREP already has more members than InterNACHI. More than twice as many.

Prove it!

And CCPIA already has more than 1,000 members.

CCPIA is now the largest and only commercial inspector trade group.
And if this 1.8 billion dollar judgment gets tripled by the judge and NAR goes under, IREP will be the largest real estate professional trade group.
And InterNACHI is the largest home inspection trade group.

Notice a pattern?