Another big commercial insurance inspection deal for InterNACHI members. $$$

We will be doing all the commercial building inspections for 130 insurance companies in N. America. They have all adopted . I also shot a NACHI.TV show on the program with the insurance services company this morning to explain how members will get these commercial insurance inspections. Much like is to residential, this program uses InterNACHI members to inspect commercial properties. Show should air in 2 weeks.


Yeah, the deal we did and us having the only commercial SOP in the industry, lead to us getting all the commercial insurance inspection work now.

One thing leads to another!


I’ll believe it when I see it.

Believe it. InterNACHI members have already done many thousands of our for insurance companies.

On to commercial insurance inspections.

How much does it pay?

If they call that an inspection at all, I could do a fair amount of those in a weekend. ha. ha.

I would call it more identification of materials and mechanical equipment verifications.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Does this apply to Canada as Well?? Please send me a list of the insurance companies so I can contact them in my town.


Daryl R. Bishop
Saint John, New Brunswick

Is this the same deal as the 1,000’s of foreclosure inspections. Opps did I say that out aloud:twisted:

Carl, where have you been? That program lead directly to the MIC project which is doing many thousands of pre-listing inspections, not just foreclosures but all homes for sale. MIC booths are at many real estate expos and fetchreport is uploading as many as 800 reports a day. Some of our members here in the Denver area inspect EVERY listing for some offices and foreclosures are a huge part of it.

On to commercial inspections now.

What is going on with this project Nick? Is it making any head way?


I did my first commercial insurance inspection today and it took me about a half hour to do including the report time. The insurance company provides a checkbox style report they want and I took a couple of pictures and had to draw a quick diagram of the property. I think I am going to like doing these. Easy money and it doesn’t take all that long.

How much do they pay?

And what company was it for?

I am doing work for TruWin and they pay $45.00 for commercial insurance surveys. US Reports is a little more when you add in all the bonuses. It’s not much for each one, but you can get a bunch done in a day that you are slow otherwise. $40 - $50 an hour is better than waiting at home for the phone to ring anyday in my book.

This seems a bit low, but like you said, it is better than sitting at home if you have no other work.

I would like to find out from these major Loss Prevention and Rick Management Companies if Infrared Services is something they would be interested in doing in addition to the standard insurance survey.

If they are truly interested in reducing risk, then it would be prudent to market Infrared Electrical-Mechanical Surveys that would be conducted by qualified Thermographers.

There are some companies out there that require a IR scan of all electrical panels before they write or renew a policy. Lyons commercial insurance and CNA risk control are a couple I can think of off the top of my head. As far as contacting them to market or get on their list of inspectors, I haven’t looked into that yet.