Ceiling fan rotation

I KNEW physics would enter the discussion sooner or later.

Does E=MC2 have anything to do with this? :smiley:

Only if you need to know the rotation for Spring and Fall :smiley:


Mine too.:roll:

Cats think they’re cool too!:stuck_out_tongue:

Directions ? My friend’s son calls them corrections.Because he sees his Dad only read them to correct his errors.lol

Man it must be hot out there!

So much talk about fan rotation!

It only matters if it matters!

If you have 20foot ceilings or a 7,000 sf family room, it makes a difference. Otherwise, the propeller mixes as it goes!

Summertime, Wintertime, here, fan rotates so air flow is down… :cool:

Yes, and lizards live there too! :wink:

And don’t forget the scorpions :wink:

They are on their farewell USA tour this summer.

Chicago Aug. 21st.

Last time I saw them at that venue it had sold out 3 nights in a row with in 45 minutes.
Might have been a record at the time and Bonjovi was the opening act that got booed off stage.
Missed them in Milwaukee on July 2nd cause I was there the 3rd at Summerfest…

My ceiling fan blades rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, two motors;)…

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a ceiling fan with two motors. Not even industrial. Got a link, or info?

Note: consumers should read and understand manufacturer instructionsbefore attempting to install a ceiling fan. :wink:

See link below:



Very cool (no pun intended). Are you happy with it? Does it work as advertised? Worth the cost?

For those of you that have the room and want something different here you go.


Some damn restaurant has those in the dining areas up here. I can’t remember which one it is.