Ceiling register/ no HVAC just baseboards

Any thoughts on why there would be ceiling registers in a home that has always been baseboard heated?

Is that the only one?

Some people with baseboard heat like air conditioning too.

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It’s never had any HVAC system, just baseboards

One in the en suite bathroom as well. that room is next to the bathroom

Possible air handler in attic?


Interesting. Was there another level or attic space above?

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air exchanger

Does the house have a wind turbine on the roof?

Is there ductwork there?
You were on site, there’s missing information.

none visible

no, no ducts visible

no it does not

So, since we have to pull all this out in dribs and drabs, what’s the register attached to?
What’s above the register?
What’s above this ceiling?

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So what 2 rooms have it? Two bathrooms, a bathroom and a bedroom, or…?

bathroom and bedroom;

Don’t know what its attached to, as I didn’t remove it from the ceiling.
Attic is above the register

Was this home used as an air-bnb or vacation rental by chance? I gotta a bad feeling about this.


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First mistake.

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You can shine your light inside and see what’s visible.
Being that you were (naturally) curious, it would have been pretty easy to check.

What was in the attic there above this room? Since there’s no ductwork, does this register open / connect to the attic air?

I know you probably don’t have these answers, but it’s a logic tree to get all the necessary facts in order to draw a conclusion.