Air register directly over shower

Inspection today had basement shower (not used obviously, no curtain) and the air register was directly over shower.

Good or bad?

Thanks in advance.

Was that a supply register or a remote vent fan inlet like the ones made by Fantech?

Supply register. From what I could see (limited view on top of tiles) was a flex duct too.

I believe supply vents are not required in bathrooms. Windows/ventilation is.

I, and client, were looking more of bad placement of register.

Thanks though.

I see no problem with Supply vent. Return vent would be a problem.


Thanks all. Have a good weekend.

Any room that has heat loss and is used by people needs heat. The only bathroom that comes to mind that does not have heat loss would be in an apartment building, in the middle of a middle floor, the walls ceilings and floors exposed only to the also heated building interior. As the vent is located in a dropped ceiling tile it is super easy to move. Although there is nothing prohibiting it, this type of ceiling tile is a poor choice for ceilings over shower stalls, and are an indication that it is an amateur job. A better choice is bathroom grade drywall painted with bathroom grade paint, preferably alkyd, or one of those pre fab stalls that have their own top.

Tiles were noted too.