Ceramic floor tiles buckled up

Any ideas what would cause a ceramic floor to buckle up for about a stretch of 20 feet? This is on a house built in 2016. There are no cracks in walls or in the perimeter of the foundation. It’s a recent problem because the Realtor said it wasn’t like this a couple of weeks ago when he first looked at the property. Guess I’m lucky it didn’t happen after the inspection.

Subflooring is the only thing that comes to mind.

A little more info would help.
Slab on grade? Pier & Beam ( crawl space)? Ground floor?

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It is slab on grade.


Thanks Marcel.

interesting read Marcel…

Here is another perspective where heat (sunlight or other) may also promote expansion.

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Thanks Brian.

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I used to install tile, as with any flooring there needs to be expansion gaps along all the perimeters. Also could be lack of backerboard and sub par thin-set.