Certified Master Energy Auditor professional designation Tradmarked.

The Master Inspector Certification Board, administrator of the Certified Master Inspector professional designation certification mark, has filed (with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office) for a new mark:

Certified Master Energy Auditor

The filing is an intent to use in anticipation of the release of a new energy auditor course being developed by the MICB in conjunction with InterNACHI and NACHI.TV.


It’s a sad day!!!

Very nice.


Will a member have to be a CMI before they can get CMEA?

I doubt it… but don’t quote me…:mrgreen: It’s still in the oven.

Hey Nick
I am not sure why, but I think that you might have something there young fella.
See you soon.

No. John and I are having an initial phone meeting tomorrow at 10 and we’ll try to come up with initial requirements to propose here on the message board. Hopefully it won’t end up like CMI’s requirement debates which lasted almost 3 years. :roll:

Oops, it is Thursday at 10.


You are correct, our call will be on Thursday… :slight_smile:

Any chance the course will be submitted to the Department of Energy for approval to perform energy audits in anticipation of the energy conservation tax benifits that are being discussed? It would be nice to have another Standards of Practice and reporting system besides Resnet, HERS, and BPI that is much more affordable and accessible.

Good point. I read that the govt does not want RESNET the be the
monopoly provider for energy audits.


That’s why BPI will be a large player in energy retrofits. I’m going to their training next week for Building Analyst. I’m not sure though if INACHI will be able to reach the bar set by the two organizations mentioned. But I hope so.

The other option would be to submit the course to BPI, Resnet, State Weatherization Programs, and other similar organizations for approval for initial certification requirements in order to do energy audits for organizations that require training by one of the major players in the industry now. I know BPI and many State Weatherization Organizations have multiple course providers and courses that are accepted. You might want to look at submitting the course to as many agencies as possible that already have established government sanction.

I can see how some STATE programs might want new providers,
but some of the others would not like see new training vendors…IMHO.

I’m not sure this idea will fly in Canada either. NRCan probably will not allow outside service organizations to conduct their audits. Right now you must be NRCan trained in order to offer the gov’t rebates to the h/o. Regardless, I’ll take the NACHI accredidation…sounds like a step forward to me.

Sounds like a good idea, I like Scotts’ suggestions. Our organization should be at the forefront of the energy audit stuff, will be huge in the coming decade.

In some locations, the govt will want their “label” on the energy audit, but from
a marketing stand point… the term “Certified Master Energy Auditor” will still create
a huge marketing advantage.

I will tell you this much, all the facilities are completely swamped and cannot currently keep up with all the people wanting training. Some facilities that I know of are not even taking students outside of their state or organizations in some cases.

It is only going to get crazier if governments keep passing/introducing bills that require an energy audit along with a home inspection for a real estate transaction.

Having another accreditation standard in this high demand field might be very wanted by local, state, county and federal government.

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