Chad Hett, owner of company with 75 full-time inspectors speaks out about SCALE UP

Well, Nick Gromicko, hits another HOME RUN with this new book! As the owner of one of the largest privately owned mulit-inspector firms in the nation, I 100% APPROVE THIS MESSAGE! From the Mission Statement to a masterful Marketing Plan to a robust Operational Strategy to a comprehensive learning curve surrounding your State’s employment regulations and to building a vital Business Culture with and effective employee (home inspector) recruitment and education structure…one thing is for sure in scaling up in this industry; DETAILS MATTER! No doubt that we are all looking forward to scaling our businesses in some way! While it was and still is quite the adventure for us with over 75 full-time home inspectors, I really wish I had a guidebook like this one to help us along the way! Thank you Nick for all that you do for our industry and for always being one to always look out for the future of Home Inspectors and Home Inspection companies! In a new world where collaboration, employee empowerment and an overwhelming opportunity for growth, this book, down to every detail, is an absolute masterpiece! Cheers to the next 10 years of growth and adventure! - Chad Hett Co - Owner The Elite Group Property inspection Professionals

Read SCALE UP: 100+ Steps to Growing and Systemizing Your Multi-Inspector Firm.

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