Change Your Clocks

I hope you all remember to Change your clock/ Move it ahead One hour…
[size=7]Did You Do it yet.[/size]

. Roy Cooke I posted this at 3;16 am . The NACHI Clock above is wrong it say’s 1;16 am

So did Canada change their time early as well? I somehow thought it was just the United States, although I’m not sure why. I guess because I thought President Bush ordered it?

You’re joking, right?

No, there are no time zones North, South, East or West of your border. In fact, there is nothing outside of your borders.:roll: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

" Re: Change Your Clocks "

Why? Is there something wrong with my old ones???

Ontario went with the change due to the trade we have with the US. It is hard to do business when you are not in the same time zone. Mind you that never stopped Arizona or the lower part of Indiana.


Mickey mouse wanted health and dental benifits, then Donald wanted more time off with pay, Minnie wanted spousal benifits, Goofy well we won’t go there as to what he wanted. The 7 dwarfs filed a class action lawsuit for unsafe working conditions… I told them to grow up…well they filed another suit…need I say more!!!

Went out and got a TIMEX---- much cheaper. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!!!

I’ve been wearing a TIMEX for years. They last longer, keep better time, and are waaaaay less cost-ish as the “big name brands.” I used to use Bulova, but not anymore.

My wife used to have a Rolex, switched to Timex–she likes it better.

Do you really think everyone around the world adjusted their clocks?:roll::mrgreen:

Exactly. It’s not even mandatory in the U.S. Not all states comply. I don’t know why anyone would just assume everyone is doing it.

I thought everyone was doing it…whatever it is that they are doing???

I’m just changing them to sundials.

Self changing.

If it’s good enough for Fred Flintstone, it’s good enough for me :wink:


Well you are a big caveman. :wink: