Changing email help!

Sorry I am not very sharp with technology and moving around on phones and computers is not my thing, but when I first joined as a member I must have installed my wife’s email address, I would like to change it to my business email but am at a loss for figuring this out, I would like my inspection agreements to go to my business email

Click on the house in the top right hand corner you may have to log in there), then click on your name, then click on My Dashboard, then in the left column click on profile and setting, then click on my profile and scroll down to the email and change it. Remember to “save changes” at the bottom of the page.

Got it Larry, you were right, I shut down to early and did not save it, I got it this time.

You deserve the InterNACHI On The Ball award


Next I am going to start on looking into a website that InterNachi offers to there members

Make sure you designate that it is an award strictly limited to participation on the forum…

…so others don’t get butt hurt that you were not aware they were “On the ball” elsewhere in their community.


Are you just playing around or is that something I can really do is suggest the “On The Ball Award”. If it’s really out there Larry deserves it but I was just joking around with it.

Just playing around.
There is a really long thread where some fella got all bent about the criteria of awarding InterNACHI member of the year being based on forum participation rather than the (undocumented mind you) things he does to promote the organization in his community.
…or something to that effect.

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I 2nd the nomination of Larry for the “On The Ball Award”.

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Ok I see now

Ok so I noticed that I was able to change my email on my profile but for some reason I can’t change my email for this forum and when I get responses from this forum it still goes to my wife’s email

I’m “off the ball” on that one, Greg…sorry. :smile:

I have it changed here

But it won’t change here

I logged myself out of the forum and then logged myself back in and the email changed so you were right from the start I just misunderstood you’re complete directions

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Great, glad to have helped you, Greg! :smile: