Cheap electrician

Yesterday’s ground rod was 18" may have been 24" when installed but was severly rusted.

Got curious so I checked the neigbors on either side and yes all were this short.

None were even driven to the top and all clamps were 3-4" from top

Well heck Barry.
You get 5 out of a 10 footer that way and pocket the difference.:roll:

That rod used to be 8’ long. This is why the NEC requires a UFER ground embeded in the concrete. Ground rods are a joke. I am going to assume that picture was taked in Florida because that is what happens to the rods here. ground rod are not used in the OPERATION of an electric system, they are use for PROTECTION of the system from lightning. Nice protection huh!


I only inspect in Texas, so far.
This was at a 1-year warranty inspection in the D/FW market.
All of these (3) were on sites/houses that are 1-year old or less.
If I was a betting man, I’d place my money on 1 rod cut into pieces, but I could be wrong and as you implied they used FL fill dirt :wink:

1 YEAR OLD??? I have seen many rusted rods but never that fast! You are correct electrican must have cut rods. I’d bet the subdivision is on some kind of bedrock and the electrican was very lazy but still never saw one rust that fast.

They haven’t quite got the concept down yet around here.
As far as lightning goes, we’re in one of the hotest strike zones in the nation.

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Expansive clay for about 20’+ at this subdivision. I’ve seen piered PT slabs down to 15’ and soil injectors are commonly 12’ around here. I’d like to agree with your theories but have differing conclusive evidence to the contrary.