Ground connections at panel & exterior

Am I correct in stating that the exterior ground connection to the earth ground is improper and an acorn type fitting is required.

Also I see many times were the ground is installed thru the panel box improperly. Am I correct in saying vermin could enter the panel and this is improper as a bushing can not be installed properly.

Please correct me with proper verbage. Or would you let this stuff slide!

110708 014 (Small).jpg

110708 037 (Small).jpg

You are correct on both counts.

I’ll let the HIs advise how to word it.

Also if that is an eight foot rod it needs to be driven all the way down

The other thing that I see and I see it a lot is that the ground rod is inside the drip line of the house. That can be a dry area especially in dry weather. Grounds don’t work as well in dry soil and should be installed outside the eve of the house. Our county electrical inspector (which I know that we are not code inspectors) requires all grounds to be installed that way. Any other ideas on this.

Before I condemn the clamp I would need to see it a bit closer. Some are listed for burial. I agree there should be some better way to close that KO it is coming out of the enclosure through, or just use one of the 1/4" holes designed for the purpose. Mike is right about driving it all the way down. I used to carry a big hammer in my car for times when I found one sticking up like that. They didn’t have an excuse for not driving it in then. It also saved them a “reinspection charge” which could be a couple hundred bucks if they were 3 counties away.