Check Out Our Article on Lawn and Irrigation Systems!

(Linus Leas) #1

InterNACHI’s newest article on Lawn and Irrigation Systems has just been published.

(Joseph DePiero) #2

This is great Linus. Even though Lawn and Irrigation Systems are not in the SOP, I found that more of my clients assume we inspect the systems. It is great to offer that.

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(Linus Leas) #3

Thanks for checking out the article!

(Joseph DePiero) #4

I just took and completed the interNachi course after reading the article. Very nice introductory course.

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #5

I used to include the irrigation because I thought it was a nice sunthin’, sumthin’ to include that others disclaimed. Soon found out that it was very time consuming to do properly, and wet. So I stopped. YMMV.