Check out Roy's NACHI plate cover, Bottom PIC.

Thanks to NACHI and Nick for the continuing great ideas that just keep comming .
Roy Cooke CMI…RHI…CHI…A Happy NACHI member

Some one asked me to explain my signs
What I did was go to the lumber store and buy Plexiglas cut it to fit my back window.
Went to sign place and had them letter it .
I open my back window and it sits in place and close window and there is my sign . I also did the same for me car and took a 2 inch piece 15 inches long of Aluminum from fascia bent the top 1/4 of an inch rolled down the window put sign against glass 1/4 inch aluminum over window and close the window sign stays in place .
Same for back widow of van set sign on bottom and slid a small piece of sign plastic 1*4 into top rubber.
If I need to go some place with out the signs they come out in ten seconds .
Because I like to go to the USA and if I have a business sign the customs ask a lot of questions no signs no questions .
New car move the signs no cost.

Nicely done Roy.

Thannks Nick,

Plate cover came in the mail today…

Wooo Hooo, Home Inspection can do this for you too !!

100_2309 (Small).jpg

100_2310 (Small).jpg


So where do you carry your ladder in that inspection mobile?:wink:

Do all Home Inspectors drive Vette’s?? LOL

Very nice Roy!! And good idea about removing them for travel!!

Licence sign looks good how do I get one?