Free NACHI license plate covers.

Send one along.

It will look good on Nanci’s car…

thanks Nick looks good

Thanks Nick,

Cover came in the mail today.

Classy car for a classy woman with a classy man. Nice.

Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. The ole 90 GMC Pick-em-up needs some body work. :smiley: This will help hold it together.

I was just wondering today what the status of the plate covers were. I asked for 2 when Nick first posted the offer. I am looking forward to getting mine.:cool:

I also asked for two. Received only one

Got both of mine two days ago, thanks Nick

Can someone hook this guy up as well.


I think you have to go here:
(if that’s what “hook this guy up” means) :slight_smile:

Nanci… I see you have good taste in cars.

I just got mine, thanks!


I am still waiting. :frowning:

Got mine yesterday! Thanks for being so prompt Nick!

got mine yesterday

thanks nick

looks good on my sequoia

Got both of mine - Thanks Nick!