Check Out Stucco/EIFS Walls of Defects Are at InterNACHI Headquarters

You’re invited to check out the stucco/EIFS walls of defects at InterNACHI Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. We intentionally created installation defects on each stucco/EIFS wall. Each wall represents the twelve most common “stucco” exterior covering materials.

For a detailed course on stucco and EIFS, visit (free and online for members).


Pretty darn cool :slight_smile:

Are you going to do any videos with them for the course. It would likely help as I found the course on stucco and EIFS a tough one to see on my laptop.

I had to get off the couch and go into the office to see the details :slight_smile:

You sure you guys don’t need any help out there in paradise?