Check out the first brochure near completion

The first brochure in the library has sample copy that can be personalized for your business. Check it out!



Here is the Member Marketing Library:

Jeanine how much would you charge to custom design me one?

Billy, that’s the plan. We’re going to develop marketing material for all our members. No charge.

Let’s see the brochures that get added to the library next week. You might find one you like. We can customize it for you.

Hey this is some very good stuff !!!:cool:

When will these be available to get customized and buy?

I’m looking forward to seeing what gets developed. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Very nice


Nice graphics and plenty of white space, BUT when this brochure is placed on a rack with dozens of others and only the top 1/3 of the front page shows there is nothing that says this is a home inspection brochure. You have to catch someone’s eye and have something that says this is a home inspection brochure that can be easily read from 10 feet away in that visible 1/3 space.

We’ve added live text to this file to show an example of what can be included, and re-uploaded all the files and a .pdf for easy viewing!

I like this one. IMO it catches your attention and gives you a reason to look at it closer. The rest look like a basic RE Agent or contractor brochure.

Yep,I like that to.
Must admit I am laughing thinking of joke alternatives inside.