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That’s pretty cool (10 pages).

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It’s no wonder they are so successful at everything. They go pro or no go.


I agree. I’ve been friends with both Bob Hintze and
Mark Wahl for a long, long time. So many new guys.

You know Nick, with so many benefits and resources through InterNACHI, my favorite one is all of the great friends that you make over the years.

I’ve never claimed to be the biggest or the best or even the most experienced Inspector. Well truth to be told, I never had to say I was the best, everybody knew it. I am 1 of the oldest, most educated, experienced home inspectors in the history of our profession.

Over the past 3 decades, I have came and gone as far as being a Professional Property Inspector. It’s not easy and it is a very demanding job, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Something about being a home inspector … “you can leave home inspection but home inspection never leaves you”

  • Mike Altizer

We both were members of SPREI back in the 1990’s. You have changed the industry for the better. It was good back then, but you’ve opened doors and made ways for both men and women, black, white, latino, Canadian, Korean, etc.

Some things you never learn in schools like AHIT (I love AHIT by the way), you have to learn by just getting out and doing.

It seems so much harder now and more expensive than it was back in the mid 1990’s. Life is way different.

They don’t tell you about the weight you’ll gain over the years.

They don’t tell you about crazy ex-wives taking you for everything or trying to (you and I both have a story respectfully with those ladies). You played it smart, I just gave in and said: What else do you want from me D.J. you lying, cheating, and a couple more words that I cannot legally say on your forum.

They don’t tell you about your beautiful wife banging all these other dudes while you’re working 2 jobs (home inspection and healthcare) trying to not only support your wife, her son and your Mother and Father ‘n’ Law but to have them live good and above their means. Oh I spoiled her rotten man. She didn’t hurt for nothing. She had her cake and ate it too. I brought home the bacon while D.J. was drinking Zima’s and banging Tony Carrol, Paul Surratt, Tracy Popp, that low life punk Ricky Pearman and a whole slew of men that you don’t have time to read about.

Yeah man, they don’t tell you about the thousands of dollars of tools that she got rid of.

I had to find out the hard way.
Now my 2nd wife of almost 22 years has left me more times than I can count but she has never taken me for everything. She brought me back to being a Home Inspector and it was her idea to join InterNACHI. I was gonna take a job from Rob Rehm in Indianapolis being 1 of his Inspectors and being a member of InterNACHI was a requirement. Yeah at 1 point U.S. Inspect wanted me bad in Maryland but that’s another story.

I gotta get some rest my long time friend. Gotta see my heart doctor in just a few.

Oh and InterNACHI is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me other than my wife, our 4 kids and my Grandson Grayson.

With all due respect Sir,
Michael Altizer