Checking Heat Exchangers

We been thinking about buying one of the intrusive type heat exchanger video cam’s called “The Inspector”. Does anybody have one and use it on inspections??

Never heard of it. Got a link?

How do you use this on sealed, high efficiency units?

Great video. Can’t do on a home inspection though…


Do you actually use one of these?

I have a Dewalt video inspection cam. It works OK. I also have a more portable and inexpensive no-name inspection cam that works with my smart phone. It works, but the LED’s are not very bright.

Would like to get some feedback on the one in the link, from those who uses it.

And that is the point. Also, another point being that even with the fancy cameras, there is good probability that you will still not be able to see every possible surface that could contain a crack (without full disassembly of the unit).

One of our local HVAC companies has 9 of them. Gone on 2 rides with their service techs using them. Real cool and took less time than one of the Drone setups, use and break-down.

I have a Centech High Resolution Digital Video Inspection Camera, model 60695. Very portable and easy to use. However I don’t offer intrusive testing, I just use it to support areas that are inaccessible but that need a peek for the customers benefit.

On the sealed high efficiency unit it doesn’t matter as much if there is a crack because they operate under negative pressure. It may affect efficiency though but CO gas should not spill inside the home.

Good article here

Using an inspection cam on a heat exchanger during a generalist home inspection goes well beyond the SOP. This might increase your liability considerably.

The thing about heat exchangers is after a few years they will all have cracks in them. Knowing how bad a crack can be is difficult.

That is exactly what I was thinking Russell Cloyd. I am not sure the extra money would pay for the additional risk. I would prefer to leave that with the HVAC vendors. However, I love inspection tools and it sounds awesome Dan Bowers. Hope to hear how it works out for you.


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