chicago plumbing code question

1917 Chicago home. mostly galvanized supply piping present. “handy andy” homeowner managed to replace some of the lower basement level piping with what appears to be PVC supply. Anyone local know if this is acceptable? most of it is concealed so can’t say if it is properly installed or supported, etc. I welcome any feedback or thoughts…

yeah thats piping installed directly overhead and contacting a water heater flue pipe…another issue.

PVC is not allowed as water supply pipe.
PVC against the flue is another good catch.

Recommend a Plumber look over the system to see how much is in the walls as a re-pipe could run into lots of money.

Though we are not code inspectors that is pretty basic and should be brought up to the buyer.
Go to to look up codes for the city if you wish or see the city site links to get you there.

Chicago has codes that do not follow what IRC allows and it is good to be aware.