Chimney opening in attic

Is there any writable issue with the chimney being open to the attic?



As long as the ‘in-use’ vent pipe is properly sealed, the brick is mearly acting as a chase. If it is in good condition, it merits no writeup.

Agreed. Clearance to combustible on the metal flue looks good from here.

I agree, I might have some verbiage in my report if they ever add insulation to make sure that proper clearances are maintained but only as a tip.

As Jeff said the brick is not a chimney (any longer), it’s a chimney chase. The metal pipe is the chimney.

Thanks. Clearance was good, no issues there.

Prefab chimneys require a firestop on the attic floor, or a chase of 1 hour construction to the roof level under UBC.

Yes. There is no thermal separation nor air barrier from the conditioned house spaces and the attic.