Chimney or not

The house had an attached sun room. The sun room had the same roof as the house. The sun room had a brick coal grill with a chimney. Does that chimney need to meet the same codes as if it were serving a wood burning fireplace?

Yes… there are two differentiating fuels… Solid (including Gel and non-vaporizing liquids) and Liquid (gas).

Ok thanks.

Jeff, what exactly is this above;

And by liquid gas, you mean Propane? :slight_smile:


Gases such as propane (LPG) that are delivered to the fixture as a liquid, but burned as a gas. NG is also included in this category.

A non-vaporizing liquid would be such as alchohol… very common in century homes in my area, typically in homes for the elite/wealthy. Burns such as gel, without being pressurized/vaporized and burned as a gas. On first view they appear as an ordinary solid fuel burning fireplace. On closer inspection, there is a metal tray that pulls out revealing the cavity where the alcohol is stored for combustion. I know I have a pic somewhere. If I can find one in the next day or two, I’ll be sure to post it.

Wow never heard of alcohol being used. I will have to look that up later

Gel is the modern replacement for the old liquid alcohol… much safer! :wink:

Well, I would not think that gel fuel would need a chimney other than a Poo Poo Platter at a Chinese Restaurant. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it is different in your jurisdiction, but in mine, it is considered a solid fuel, thus it is required to have a flue as such.

Don’t know about the Poo-Poo Platter! A local favorite??? :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

I spelled it wrong. Sorry.

Pu-Pu Platter.

Dam, now I am hungry again. :mrgreen:

I used to order a Pu Pu platter at Yangs in St. Paul MN.

It would come to your table with a gel fuel fired Hibachi to grille the goodies on.
It was fantastic.

Enter Fire Marshall who would no longer ALLOW them to serve it that way.

I ordered it once after that. Not any where near as good or fun.

Too much government for me.

Ahhhh. Thanks Mike. Now I understand Marcels connection!

Have you been to David Fong’s in South Minneapolis? IMO the best Chinese this side of Chicago! :wink:

We need to “do lunch” there sometime!

Sounds great. I look forward to it.

I’m bound to be up that way in the next few weeks. I’ll give you a call. :slight_smile:

Juan, are you talking about a charcoal grill for cooking?

I cannot imagine that being allowed inside a living area in Fort Pierce, FL…

Yes it was a charcoal grill for cooking. It was in a sunroom.

Juan, why even care about a chimney?

Isn’t the far more important issue what the f u c k is a charcoal grill doing installed inside a living space!?!

With all the proper precautions taken, I have no issue with it. Charcoal is just charred wood! :wink:

Btw… not everyone uses “fluid” to light their charcoal. In fact, it is outlawed in many areas! Get with the times buddy-boy!! :mrgreen:

Pete please elaborate. I don’t see the problem. It was built as a fireplace with a little rack installed. They were obviously using it for charcoal grilling. What is the problem?