Chimney Suggestions

What recommendations would you recommend for this chimney that I am inspecting today? Im a new inspector and i’m still learning the chimney system. Thanks.

Hey Cody,

I notice a few things that you might point out as concern.

The cap/crown (concrete on top) is deteriorated.

The mortar between the bricks appears to be sunken and deteriorated.

The spark arrester/rain cap (currently chicken wire) is not gonna be effective at keeping critters out.

Lastly the flashing on the backside of the chimney (if over 36” in width) should be replaced with a saddle/cricket to divert water.

Good luck!


A flue extension and a chimney cap would be nice.


Welcome to our forum, Cody!..Enjoy!

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Appreciate the help everyone. I have plenty more questions from where this came from as I continue to do more inspections.

Thanks again, ill add it to my report

Needs a cricket if over 30in (not 36) wide at the side parallel with the roof’s edge or slope.

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So, this is how I evaluate something old. First, what is wrong with the existing components? Second, what upgrades should be recommended? The above posts do a good job covering both.

Oh, one more thing. I make extra effort to get my eyes on a chimney in the attic. OFTEN there is roof decking and framing damage around an old chimney, especially that one! That flashing (if even present) looks suspect.

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And check the 3-2-10 rule if there is any doubt.


Hey I’m really new can you describe the 3-2-10 rule?

Did you take the course? Fireplace, Stoves, and Chimneys

Just started learning yesterday wanting to get out of granite countertops. Studying my best but have not taken that course I do not think. I’m on the radon course.

You are way ahead of yourself. Go back to the beginning.


Gotcha thanks

Here you go.


As @sbridges2 stated, take the basics and don’t get ahead of yourself. Most courses are set as HI 101, then 102 etc. Early learning carries into other courses.

And simply put, a chimney flue must extend an minimum of 3’ above the roof surface. If the flue is within the minimum distance of 10’ from the ridge line or highest point of the roof, It has to extend a minimum of 2’ higher than that line.