Christmas Lights

Here’s my light show for this Xmas.

PB240001 (Small).JPG

Very nice!! I’m bugging my husband to put up our Christmas lights this weekend. I’ll show him this for inspiration! :slight_smile:

Great display Linas!

If anyone else needs some inspiration, check this out.

Do you remember the guy from Mason, Ohio, who last year decorated his house with quite a light show that ended up on a Budweiser commercial? Well, he’s at it again.

This time he took it to a park–the traffic was to great around his house–
and it’s twice the show. It costs $15.00 a car to go see–50 cars at a time will be allowed to watch the 15 minute show, drive-in theater style–then another 50 cars will come in and watch. I’m sure that’ll be on the national news, too.

He also started a business creating such shows around the country…

Looks great Linas.:mrgreen:

Imagine how many margaritas one could buy with all the money wasted on electricity for Christmas lights. I’m going to put mine up today or tomorrow. I’ll have a margarita while I’m doing it, of course. :margarit:

I inspected a home a few weeks ago where the prior owner had put up his lights on the roof in the form of a reindeer or something and had actually used finishing nails in the shingles to hold them in place. There must have been 200 nails sticking out of the roof! That’s not recommended :roll: .

Here’s my house,
Slight adjustment problem on the camera,
or the operator

Jeeze Peter, that’s kind of a lazy man’s way of making it look like there are more lights than there really are.

I’m gonna go try it!!!

Hitting the Egg Nog already? :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve been hitting the egg nog since about a week before Halloween. Maybe we get it early out here since we have to have something to take to the beaches with us on those rare sunny days. :margarit:

My son is sending me in the attic today. Actually he is standing over my shoulder right now bugging me to get moving.

But I did want to mention something first. Please make sure you home is properly GFCI protected. We had a father of two die down here two years ago because he had not protection on the outside of his home. He was putting up his lights, the grass was wet, and he was barefoot (stupid, I know). Had he had GFCI protections (less than $100.00) how would be alive today.

Happy Holidays and please be careful out there.

wow, how sad

love it.

Some folks solved that problem years ago. They never take the lights down. Crack a brewski, walk outside, plug em in and viola! Tis the season…

Yes, indeed! When the violas and violins start playing “The Nutcracker,” one knows that it is time to put up the lights, have some eggnog (with Wild Turkey, you understand), pumpkin pie, turkey, etc. Ah, the holidays are wonderful. :margarit: