Chronicles of Awards to Date

I posted this back in 01/02/08, in the Awards Committee, and thought to share it to the rest of the Members.

Who will they be for the Year 2008?

Time will tell.

Visit our Chapter to see the Nominations to date. Can be accessed by the link in my signature.

Chronicles of Awards to date.

InterNACHI 2007 Member of the Year Winners

NACHI Member of the Year/Gromicko Award - Paul Abernathy

U.S. Member of the Year for - Dale Duffy

Canadian Member of the Year for - Mario Kyriacou

Inventions and Innovations Award for - John Onofrey

Website of the Year Award - David Valley

Chapter Recognition Award Program - Jason Seig - - President:
**Great Lakes NACHI Chapter of Eastern Michigan **

NACHI 2006 Members of the Year

NACHI Member of the Year - 2006: Will Decker. Congratulations to Will Decker for winning this most deserving award. Will has always sought to provide helpful knowledge backed with a strong ethical and moral conduct. Will personifies NACHI’s mission statement - knowledgeable, proactive, helpful and professional. He has consistently gone above and beyond the call of “rank & file” duty, not only for his fellow NACHI members in Illinois, but throughout the country by providing advice, guidance and assistance whenever asked. Most recently, he recreated the “10 Deadly Mistakes” brochure for the benefit of all members, as well as producing an engaging and entertaining video for all to use and share with their clients. Those that have met and worked with Will certainly agree that this award is well-deserved.U.S. Member of the Year for - 2006: Jeff Pope. Congratulations to long time NACHI member Jeff Pope for winning U.S. Member of the Year. Jeff has helped many inspectors with his code compliancy knowledge in all aspects of the home industry. He is always very helpful on the message board with factual and precise information and he has proven himself to be very successful home inspector. Through his willingness to readily and succinctly answer question after question, Jeff has become an on-call technical adviser to many of his fellow NACHI members.Canadian Member of the Year for - 2006: Roy Cooke. Congratulations go out to Roy Cooke for being NACHI’s Canadian Member of the Year for 2006. Ever since Roy brought NACHI to Canada, he has consistently promoted NACHI and its members in every way possible. From his radio broadcasts to his down home marketing tips to his behind-the-scenes involvement in making NACHI better, Roy’s hard work makes him very well deserving of this award.Inventions and Innovations Award for - 2006: Chris Morrell. Congratulations go out to long time NACHI IT Director Chris Morell. Chris almost single handedly manages NACHI’s 350,000 post message board, its 16 million hit per month 215,000 page website, plus its 4,500 other websites made up of over 600 million webpages. Over 98% of all inspection related material online is under his control. Chris continues to launch hi-tech products and services for NACHI members.

__________________________________________________ ______ NACHI 2005 Members of the Year

NACHI Member of the Year

[size=3]2005 – Paul Sabados

**U.S. Member of the Year **

2005 – Russel Ray

Canadian Member of the Year

2005 – Robert Brown

Inventions and Innovations Award Program

2005 - C.A.T.S. Robert (Bob) Brown , Helen Jeffrey

Chapter Recognition Program[/size]

[size=3]2005 - SE Florida Chapter

  • Chicago Chapter
  • Atlanta Chapter
  • Ohio Chapter
    [/size]______________________________ [size=5]NACHI 2004 Members of the Year [/size]

[size=5]NACHI Member of the Year[/size]
2004 – John Bowman

**U.S. Member of the Year **
2004 – Joe Farsetta[size=5]

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=5]Canadian Member of the Year

2004 – Gil Stratchan

Inventions and Innovations Award Program

2004 – Portervalley Software

  • Bill Hendry

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