Circuit breaker lock-out?

This circuit breaker appears to have a lock-out but it prevents the breaker from being turned off (breaker is for water heater). I feel it should be remove but are there any reasons for this set-up? (2007 condo unit)

That’s a breaker “lock-on”. It’s code compliant since the CB will still trip even with the lock-on in place. In some parts of the NEC those are actually required but this isn’t one of those making their use optional.

Thanks Robert, glad I asked.

They are required when the WH is out of sight of the panel. It ensures the power remains off while work is performed.

thank you Jim you’re a storehouse of knowledge. Really

I understand for a lock-out device but Robert said this is a lock-on device (which I don’t fully understand other than having it on a critical circuit that you didn’t want to accidentally turn off).

I used to see them in Hospitals and Nursing homes on critical breakers they didn’t want accidentally turned off. It won’t keep the breaker shunt from tripping

“Lockout, Tag out” when opening a breaker to work on the system.

This breaker is “locked” closed, Jim

Yes, the CB is locked in the closed or ON position. Typically these devices are used with emergency unit equipment which provide egress lighting under Article 700 of the NEC.

Yeah, grandma gets real pissed when they turn her respirator off… :slight_smile:

Do not see why water heater is so critical.