Can somebody tell me what this is

And should it be a concern? Is this designed to prevent the breaker from tripping? Googled breaker clips and found nothing helpful. Thanks.

Expect it a locking device so when breaker gets turned off they.
Can put on a lock so the breaker can not be turned on

I believe it is a lock out .

Roy is there not one designed to prevent accidental shutoff too?

Looks like Wayne is correct
On the breaker DANGER 1/4 diameter lock shackle required

Circuit breakers trip internally even if you try to hold the handle closed.

Yes, the concern is you should know this already.

I disagree

I am a retired industrial Electrician and retired home inspector .
I had never seen one of these .

I see no advantage in trying to embarrass a fellow Inspector who asked a reasonable question .

I only have seen the ones David posted , never seen the one THE op showed .

Whether you’ve seen one like that or not, it’s obvious what it is and what it’s supposed to do.

I sent a link answering his question.

I should hope he would read what he could not find on the internet, nor learned before performing a Home Inspection.

What more do I have to do? Kiss his *** and make him feel warm and fuzzy?

“We all had to start somewhere” is a bunch of BS when you consider the impact a home inspection has on the client’s largest investment.

Looks like those will lock the CB in either the OFF or ON position. I would guess that it’s being used for an appliance disconnecting means. This looks similar.

Amen brother!

Maybe this shows that the training programs need to be improved so that everyone is better prepared and can accurately describe what they observe.

I would like ask how many have seen a device like that , I seen Locking devices in several shapes I never seen the above . Asking a simple question seems to be difficult lately around here . I say no one should hesitate to ask any question, If it bothers you just do not answer it and move on . I glad so many here are so experience on all aspects of Home inspections that they do not need any help on anything at anytime .

I see them on a weekly basis. It depends on the service panels installed in your location.

However, common sense would dictate what would be installed on a circuit breaker regardless of its shape and size and color?

There is a dozen lockouts. Electrical standards discuss lockouts. Building code discusses lockouts. Home inspection training discusses lockouts.

This is not a" simple question", it’s a “stupid question”. It is your responsibility to know certain things before you go out there in the public.

I am glad there are people that are hesitant about asking questions here. Maybe they will “look it up”.

The OP couldn’t find it on Google. I posted a Google search results. A simple search answers a stupid question.

This is not the Boy Scouts. Your clients depend significantly on your ability to identify how a house is built, and why it is built that way.

This may be fine in the hills of Tennessee, but not downtown.

Must be stressful in the Big down town .

Yes that is kind of the purpose here and if everyone knew everything then you wouldn’t need this forum. :roll:

Who said you must know everything? We are talking about things you “should” know to do the job that is expected of you…

No one wants Home Inspection Licensing but will go out there half cocked and take a stab at it, hoping for the best. This my friends is what brings about these regulations.

Screw over the general public and you will have more than a few regulations to deal with. Just give it time.

Average Income: $23k

And you *****…

Hair grows back.
Houses don’t come back after they burn down.
People don’t come back because there was not breaker “lockout” installed…

Sorry but I like the way most use this forum to increase their knowledge .
Asking questions and helping all to increase their knowledge .

Interesting here we have an electrician a Fire Chief and regular home Inspectors who you are attacking because they have never seen one of these .

I wonder why you are not pushing for sprinklers in a home , I believe there has never been a fatality in a home with sprinklers and they also do not usually burn down .