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Need some info. What is a good solid tester for testing both 2 prong and 3 prong outlets. Appreciate any and all opinions.


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Hi Steve,

I don’t know if these are still available, but I still use an older SureTest ST1 for 2 prong outlets as this model features a retractable ground pin, other than that I would just use a standard “Traffic light” tester with a 3-2 adaptor, a volt meter, or a “wiggy” (test light)



A 3-light tester should always be observed carefully, I found a weak (bad connection) neutral in 3 of 4 bathrooms the other day just by noticing the dimmer light for the neutral.

Thanks Gerry

Thanks Gerry & Bruce. I have been reading that using an adapter on a 3 prong tester will not necessarily show true wiring problems.


In your QOD on electrical, what tester is shown in the picture and will it work on both 2 & 3 prong outlets?

Thank, Steve

Steve, the tester shown is Jeff Popes Suretest 265? this comes as standard with 3 prongs so much of its functionality is wasted on 2 prong outlets.

I noticed on another board that Dan Bowers has an older style retractable pin suretest for sale, if you have a lot of older property in your market I would buy one of these.

Dans email is:



Thanks Gerry

I have an adapter with my Ecos that allows me to use that ground pin for testing other grounding paths via a pigtail from the adapter. It allows you to see if things like plumbing or other metal objects are bonded. Just be careful because you may be energizing them, even if it is in a current limited way.

I actually think Suretest has accessories that allow all this to be done as well as a clamp on model for testing switches and so on.

You might want to contact Suretest ( Ideal ) and see if you have one of the Suretest models.