Citizens 4PT 2018 fillable

Here is the BETA . If you find any bugs let me know.
In the inspector signature field I have it to “insert image”. I have my signature scanned and I just insert it there.
It has no security set . So make sure you secure the pdf before you send it to your client.
Let me know.
It’s too large to attach here so here is the link to my Dropbox…
Dropbox - Citizens 4PT 2018.pdf

First, add security unless you want everyone to have an open copy.:wink:
For the text boxes, adjust the text boxes so that the text is near the line. Also make the text boxes longer. Try typing “rolled roofing” into the roof type box. :wink:

I would also add another comments page as there isn’t nearly enough room to list defects found in a home inspection on that form.

You may also need more picture pages.

I have already done what Citizens should have, design this form in Word or Publisher, make everything look like some type of professional did the form, not a 10 year-old, then make a pdf of it.

After that, then it can be made into an executable pdf file. :slight_smile:

I call it roll roofing.
However, Share yours.

What are you alluding to with that statement?

I don’t want another comment page. This is a simple 4 point inspection.
I believe 18 pictures are enough.
However, I did make a few text box changes as you suggested.

I call it roll roofing.
Regardless, it doesn’t fit which was my point. :wink:
Also, one might want to make that selection a drop-down list… :wink:

However, Share yours.
No. :slight_smile:

What are you alluding to with that statement?

That citizens employs 10-year olds to design their forms…no offense to the 10 year olds!

Attached is a sample of page one. This version is prior to going to Livecycle and is not the finished product. It is just an example to illustrate how a form can be designed in order to be made into an executable form that can be used easily.

Everything is in one font and size and by eliminating wasted space, significant space was gained to list any unsatisfactory items. Or, if one desired, insertion of the 2 required pictures for the electrical. :wink:

Again, this is just an example, not the finished version.

If you do a 4-point with a home inspection, where are you going to put the 40 defects you found on the home inspection on the 4-point?

Or, is this form going to be used for the stand alone 4-points… :wink:

And, it will take 14 pictures just to meet the minimum requirement, prior to “All hazards or deficiencies noted in this report”. :wink:

I have another form with image slots for any addition images I may need.

Done with them… there will still be guys doing them for $75… have at it!!!

I can’t even do the old form with 18 photos. I am going to use (5) 6-photo pages on the new one. I am not going into the difference between doing a 4pt without, or in conjunction with a home inspection…no need for extra comments space on that.

Nice job Roy, but I would add more photo pages.

ABSOLUTELY********** CORRECT Sir :slight_smile:

Here is a redesigned version of the 4-point form.
It has room for comments/deficiencies in each section, it uses a larger font( 10 as opposed to the 8 used in the original), and there are plenty of pages for pictures, minimum required and deficiencies, as well as an additional comments page.

If you have Adobe professional or one of the other pdf makers, you can use this as a template. Take out pages you don’t need or when you are ready to deliver the report, just don’t print the pages you don’t want.

LOL…37K file??

Capture 2.JPG


Yes… about 20. :wink:

There is some sort of network error and I can’t download the file.
Yes, it is 35K.
It is a template that people can make into an executable file if they know how.

It is 16 pages long and depending on how you configure the picture pages, you could have a maximum of 44 pictures if needed.
There is also ample space for defect/comments for those of us who do these with a complete home inspection.

If anyone wants a copy, just email me at

Good! I’m glad you guys are working on it. I would never do a 4 PT for Citizens with all the info they are requiring. If I did it would be $200.

Here Mr. Fetty
Attached is addition image page…:smiley:



Exactly !

$300… $350…

Good luck getting those numbers when the monsters in the game will not even think of changing their fees and they will just pass on the B.S. to their slaves…oh I mean inspectors.