Citizens Insurance and Retail Inspections

Citizens Actuarial and Underwriting Committee Meeting…

2013 Focus
• Transition program focus to New Business Applications and perform very
limited number of reinspections.
[INDENT]o Retail Inspections Live Date - January 2013.[/INDENT]
[INDENT][INDENT]⁻ Policyholder option to use Citizens Administrator.
⁻ Policyholder responsible for payment.
⁻ Citizens agrees to not reinspection for up to 5 years.[/INDENT][/INDENT]
• Citizens reserves right to reinspect if another inspection firm is utilized.
• Agent Communications prior to Launch.

Based on what we’ve seen and heard about the re-inspection programs failures and issues - Citizens is now going to do retail inspections with a 5 year guarantee that there will be no re-inspections?

It is all crap.

I ought to be 3rd party inspectors with no interest in the outcome. Just fill out the freaking form whatever it may be or become to the best each inspector can do it.

The OIR should have exact instructions and details to what must be done and documented and what is COMPLETELY SAFE for the inspectors to do.

We damn sure should not be belly crawling thru trusses and insulation to try to find a picture of a nail that SHOULD NOT BY CODE be visible.

I agree… These inspections should be performed by employees of the risk holder (insurance company) or municipal code inspectors, it is a shame these low-skill/low-pay inspections have tainted our profession.

Quite the accomplishment:

2 Year Accomplishments - 2012 Year End Estimate
• Completed 360,000 reinspections.
• Estimated $ Gross Premium Impact 191M. Actuarial & Underwriting Committee November 28, 2012 4 • Estimated Net Premium Impact $120.3M.