City Code Inspector Coverups

In the greater Kansas City metroplex and surrounding areas, we have about 86 municipalities. We’re starting to see an alarming trend in the city code departments.

Several of the local home inspectors have recently done inspections on new construction (brand new to 1 year of age); discovered significant problems the builder or code guys have overlooked or are just plain trying to squeeze by (32" front doors; no windows or vent fans in baths; egress windows smaller than allowed; etc, etc).

The builder, realtor or code guy ignores the owner - then the owner gets the home inspector out to inspect. He finds these problems and generates a report. The owner or owners attorney goes to the city - things start getting fixed. THEN - the inspector gets a call from the city code department telling him he’s being fined for inspecting a home in their city without a business license.

We’re thinking there may be a hell of a lawsuit or a great story for an investigative reporter or TV show.

If you have a state license they should not be able to stop you from performi ng your duties unless you need to file under an assumed name,but I do not know the situation in Kansas off hand or even if you have licensing.

The courts will not side with negligent building code inspections. The building department is there to ensure public safety, ensure minimum standards, et ceteras. If the building department thinks they have problems now, what will they do when there is a death as a result of their negligent inspections?

Sounds like someone needs to be fired! And the firing(s) should be reported on the news.

If I did not do my job I would not want some one picking it apart! They are working for their retirement.

God help the consumer!

Nothing but codes violations!

American brick layer. American city codes inspector. American builder!

Home owner given the bath of a life time!

They are getting caught with their pants down!

Do cab drivers,Icecream trucks,lawn care, and a host of others get the same treatment?

Or is it like some kind of profiling?

Good example of the future!:twisted:

Hi Carl,

I haven’t written in a while and wanted to ask how things were. At this end they are the same and getting worse. I keep praying every day that someone will do what is right.

There are more split boards in the attic, the house is on the move and to make matters worse, my homeowners has been cancelled. After the 20th I will have no insurance and am not sure what to do. I will just have to have faith. The house has also been added to the ‘do not walk on the roof’ list with the fire dept. This happened after there were more boards discovered that have broken. (of course pulte will say they were framed broken too) In addition the city is talking about condemning the house. This is scary and I don’t want it to happen until after pulte buys the house back. If not, I will be monetarily responsible for the house being torn down and hauled away. In addition because of the HOA, I will be responsible for rebuilding on the same spot on top of that defective founation. I cannot afford all of this. So my friend who has a defective house too, told the city planner in no way were they going to condemn the house. This would resolve pulte of any responsiblity and it would all fall on me. We are going to the council meeting this evening. I have prepared my little speech and am asking for time to brief during the next one to show them how bad the house really is.

I have a few complaints in the works, but I am afraid they are not going to be able to be finished before the house becomes too dangerous to live in. I am afraid that something is going to happen. When I held my open house this week-end, two men noticed that my I-joists are bending and twisting. I have no idea what will happen to the joists or to the floor above, but I am going to guess it is not good.

However, I have great faith and I know that somehow pulte will get some honor and integrity and buy back both of our houses.

Oh yes we have been fined mega bucks for our lemons. Even though they are not outlawed in the HOA covenants pulte says they are disparaging and offensive (their words in the HOA, not mine). I was told that my display was disparaging and offensive and I have to tell you I have the American flag in the window. The pulte obviously wasn’t thinking or is too stupid to realize they have offended most of the United States. The American flag is offensive and disparaging to them. I updated my web site and made sure this little gem was put at the top. See them get out of this one. :smile:

Well, I should go back to work, I actually have things to do.

I hope you are enjoying today, it is simply beautiful.


Susan Sabin


Here’s more!…20194652.html

Carl do you or not have licensing in your state?


Kansas and Missouri are unlicensed states for inspections.

Also, over half of the the counties in both states require no licensing for builders, sub contractors AND mandatory code inspections. In fact the KAR will not support contractor licensing and code enforcement in existing open or free zones, yet will support the licensing efforts being directed at home inspectors along with the trial attorneys. See its not the builders fault that we have these problems, but rather the home inspector and they need to be CONTROLLED.


I guess my whole point is that if you are state licensed you will then have a card that says I have a right to be here and no need of a business license as I am authorized by the state of Kansas to be here.
Now if the contractors and developers are not licensed who suddenly becomes more of an authority figure in court.Do you follow what I mean?

Robert - Although it would be nice if what you said was correct - but its not.

A state license allows you to do certain things - but not others.

A licensed builder in Dallas, is not a licensed builder in Houston.

We’re referring to business licenses, not state licenses.

Two completely different animals. But nice thought.


These other fellas know more about that then I do!

That’s scary. That’s why I keep telling agents they need to recomend inspections on all homes, not just used ones. That’s info we need to get out to all agents and mortgage companies.

Anyone who has info on this matter please contact Paul Wenske at the kansasCity star!

Lets get it fixed it is just wrong!

He might need to get a permit to get your story!](*,)