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We just found out the coolest information about Kansas & Missouri

Regarding Building Codes …

Missouri has 114 Counties and St Louis City … 13 Counties & St Louis City have building codes

Kansas has 105 Counties … 21 Counties have building codes.

AND neither state has state wide licensing of home builders, electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, roofers, foundation contractors, etc, etc

How do think other states stack up

Does this really mean no codes or no local amendments and they just adopt a version of the code directly as written. Seems hard to believe otherwise :o

Code is basic minimum requirement(s). Do you reference universal (IRC, NEC, UPC, ect…) codes when referring to issues observed during inspections?

Steven …

I means in many places in our state you just build whatever you want.

In other places you get a permit for a sewer hookup, septic tank or lagoon AND thats it … GO for it.

Dave …

In KC they tell us there are about 81 municipalities or cities, etc making up the Kansas City metro area. NOT the state JUST the KC metro area.

A year ago the contractors board in KC assembled a brochure showing what codes that the largest 23 municipalities or cities here used.

8 used the 2012 IRC
6 used the 2006 IRC
5 used the 2003 IRC
3 used the 2000 IRC
1 used the 1997 UBC

So what code would the average home inspector reference?

I reference them as a publication, but not as a code.