Clear Span Attic Beam

Attached are two free graphics showing a clear span attic beam with ceiling joists attached with hangers. One graphic has a 2-ply lumber beam and one is an single LVL beam. This is one method to remove an interior wall with no visible beam inside.
Note: Beam sizes and hanger types will vary with spans and loads.


Super graphics Randy. Do you make these yourself?

Great graphics, Randy!

Thanks for sharing! :smile:

Yes, I use 3D software to draw the items then run them through rendering software

Very nice, professional work.

Randy, nice graphic! do the metal hangers shown provide enough tension load rating for the assembly to act as rafter ties?

This was not designed, only submitted as an example for reference.

In general… :slight_smile: is it enough when replacing (or modifying) overlapping joists over a load bearing wall that are nailed into each other in an average size house or are additional positive connections needed?