I beam in attic

Hey guys I could use a little help. I found this I beam in the attic today. It appeared to me as if they removed a load bearing wall. They cut the joists, and slid in this I beam. The I beam is supported on each end by a framed wall. Its bearing on 3 inches of each end. Its not attached to bearing walls by any means that I could observe. Is this a problem? I did this in my house but I didn’t use an I beam.

Also, does anyone know whats going on this last photo. Its a bunch of cut 2x4’s nailed to a 2x. Thats it.

Did I explain this well enough?

Juan,You would have to follow the load path to the foundation to determine if the beam was properly supported. It’s my guess by all the plywood they had stored a significant amount of items which may have caused the ceiling rafters to sag. The longitudinal board is nailed to each rafter IMO to help mid-span sagging of the ceiling.

I did follow it. It was right above the columns and beams and it’s line with the rest Of the load bearing walls. I have never seen this though. I dont know if a 2x4 framed wall was adequate support for the I beam, how many inches each end should be bearing on the wall if the I beam requires a positive attachment to the walls and if the joists require a positive attachment to the I beam.

my concern is the missing strongback and purlins, seems like long rafter span, from what i can see on pics

might want to advice on a structural engineer


When in doubt, call it out.

I did Robert. Thanks

Juan you are doing so well I am so proud of you.:slight_smile:
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My hypotheses Juan. Read more

My ***experimental hypothesis ***for the H beam placed over the bottom cord, (suspect) truss uplift.
Rafters, It is over the cord by what I see. I could be wrong.
Maybe knee walls where removed. That is a wide span.

I would be on the elament or component with an IR or Boar scope to insure I am creating conclusions based of fact. Read more

Agents or (Brokers in Quebec as of May 2010) do not like the time I take on the visual inspection.
I am not marketed by them for that reason and others.

Even the buyers agents at times (they can not see the forest from the trees) give me endless grief (hurry up) (why is that not satisfactory?)and question my 35 years of work experiences and INACHI, PHII’S ASHTON COLLEGES 6 years of education.
They can not explain in simple laymen’s words the proper building procedures, code or describe my findings when I talk softly to show proof or make my hypotheses credible.

Write hard and talk soft a great Canadian mentor told me. I am still learning to talk soft to my clients.
Agents do not have a clue about HI verbiage.
Talk soft and do not be influenced to write soft.

All the best Juan.
I am amazed at your over all growth.

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