Client /REO issues

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Sorry if I ruffled your feathers, Bob. That was not my intent.

What I was trying to convey is the idea that, as inspectors, we do not have a hand in this, and should not try. Banks own these properties and try to sell them, for a profit if they can.

Talking to a bank president friend of mine (a local, small bank) his opinion is that the large banks are not in the property managment business and are ill-equipped to handle all these properties. The smart ones call in state licensed plumbers to dinterize and de-winterize and go through all the BS with the City and the gas utility. The not-so-smart banks (the majority, unfortunately) hire any Tom, Dick and Harry they can and, many times, these guys wind up messing up the house.

I tell my clients to make sure that the utilities are on. Many times, the listing agent does not want to do this because many banks will not pay them for this service. And, they sell it “as is”.

I can only advise my cleint as to what should be done, not force anyone else to actually do it. I have also had a number of REO agents who speak poorly of me, because I tell my cleints to do this.

Simple. Everyone wants to make money while laying out as little money and time as they can.

Old story.

If you are giving your client good advise,what are these guys saying that you are doing wrong.
Sounds like a combination of laziness and ignorance.

Seems like a good market to be a consultant to the Banks ,as an open field.

Is no one playing coordinator?

There must be someone that sees the missing puzzle piece here.

I also wonder how appraisal is playing a role.
They are not taking damage in to account and also a second appraisal comes in to play during the loan process.

Trying to picture how the possibly, two different Banks interact ,and also a situation where seller (Bank) is also giving the loan.

Not the first time. I thought you might like to know…apparently not.

Good luck in the future.

Larry we all have a mis-spell here and there and unless you have plenty of time (does it really matter that much).

I post often ,and sometimes on the fly, but thank you for pointing it out.
Now go spell check the other 5 billion posts.:slight_smile:

I tend to just worry about the subject matter and sharing in an educational setting.

Please feel free to contribute to this extremely interesting subject matter however.

Gee,I bet the Banks never mis-spell.:slight_smile:

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Why do I get this feeling that if you had bad news for me ,you would be biting your tongue to keep from cracking up.

You are lucky I have no time to way back, on your past threads.

Nobody even pointed out the Observed miss-spells :slight_smile: in the posts above mine.

My computer is smarter than me and won’t let me misspell a single word. It’s very much like my superior IPhone, which is an original masterpiece, not a copycat, wannabe an IPhone. imitator!! Sorry Bob.:(:frowning:

My spelling lacks sometimes, too, but if you recommend defiantly talking to the client about something on the inspection some might want to know (even though you don’t seem to care) that you mean definitely.

Carry on…

Dunno what you’re talkin’ about :-;;:-;;:-;;

I defiantly refuse to acknowledge those remarks,but “definatly” know the client may prefer my less confrontational approach to yours.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Somehow those lemons make a perfect new logo for you,sour puss.:slight_smile:

True story Linus…
This weekend my client had one of those i phones and could not get a signal in the place I was inspecting,while my signal was strong.

She told me how there were many areas where she would get dropped calls and wished she was not stuck with AT&T.

She was looking forward to tethering her i phone to a i pad soon, till I informed her that Steve Jobs will not allow that.

Yes ,it should be named the i can’t.

Does not even multi task.

Glad I have the open source Android OS.:mrgreen:
Also glad I have the superior 4G Sprint network,that does not drop important client calls.

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No, I get up early. Had an inspection in Sauk Village this A.M. I’m ready for a nap.