Difficult inspection(s)

I need to get this off my chest before I start my afternoon inspection.

So here is the story.

I started to feel a sinus cold infection so I went to bed early. Around 9 PM.

The phone rings twice at 10:45 PM. Everyone is sound asleep. Wife, 5 year old, and me.

Its the top producer of realty one that has never used my services and she ask if I did an inspection on Sat. at this such & such address.

I told her no. So now everyone is awake. I felt like telling her to bite my …

So I have a AM inspection from a client who found me on the internet.
He must of called me at least 6 X either to change the day or time of the inspection.

He is Chinese and he actually sent me a email in Chinese. (Wha the Fa)

I knew before the inspection that the clients would be a pain in my A…

I had already done the inspection because the house was vacant and I set up a radon test. (Dam it came back at 1.8 I was hoping 200.8)

The realtor. Different from the one above wasnt a problem.

She called to last night(at a decent hour) to explain that the water was turned on.

This is a bank owned and forclosed home.

Realtor already told clients that it is an as is and the inspection is for there benifit.

OK I go to turn on the main(I really dont like to do this)

Water is pouring out of the pressure valve from the water heater that they had open. The water is also leaking at the main because they didnt tighten the pipes properly. I shut off the water.

Now the clients arrive. Ping, Pong, Dip & drip.

The father in law is a nit pickin …

Home is 14 years old. I try nto explain that I am here to check for major problems and safety issues. I tell them that the past owners have negleted the property and have caused some minor damage.

I try to explain about limitations to the inspection and start explaining about the water.

The dont want to go on with the inspection unless the water is on.

OK. Turn on water and start looking at fixtures to see if any leaks before operating.

The Father in law starts turning on every thing. I toldhim to stop.

In the kitchen the overhead light wasnt operating and it was because there is a busted pipe in the ceiling tat is dripping all around the light fixture.
The sink is leaking at the toilet valve is leaking. I turn off the water and say. I have seen enough you need a plumber.

They want to know why I am not operating toilets and fixtures. I told them I would cause major damage to drywall witht he way the water is leaking.

So we procede to the outside and spend 10 minutes explaining a loose screen. I told then this isnt something i would even document.(It is the type where there are 2 pins that secure in place.

The whole inspection is like this. I spent more time on a inspection I had already finished than one I would just have started.

As I am printing out report clients are wanting drywall imperfections/a loose railing that isnt.

The house wasnt bad it was the clients.

Now I am preparing for round 2. I feel this will be the same.

First time buyer.

There are many people that shouldnt own homes.

I will tell you how round 2 goes.

Thanks for listening.




How bout’ a lifesaver.

Adam, A Plus

hang in there

Have a couple shots of “Wild Turkey” and think about Commercial Inspections…:smiley:

I sugguest having the Agent present when a language barrior is a problem or a second walk through is needed…you need a witness for one:)

“Sir, you really deserve a good home inspection, and I can see that I am not fulfilling your needs.
I suggest you find someone else who can help you better than I can. (handshake). Goodbye; I have to lock up now.”

And, NFW do I turn on any utility that is off . . .

I came very close to asking if they could just pay me for the radon test and to find another inspector.

After today I am no longer turning on a water mains. I should no better.
Follow SOP.

I am glad that my second inspection went smoothly.

The realtor did her job and let me do mine.

The client was a nice young lady that was appreciative of my report and inspection.

Thanks for your replies.

Good night

I need some nasal & sinus drugs and some sleep.

Some thing tells me I will hear from the Chinese clients from early today.


As soon as I posted guess who I get a call from.

The father in law.

I mispelled there name

A_ _ H_ _ _

How is it you know before even meeting the people that there is a problem.

Now I hope they dont buy the house.

I know these people will be a pain in my A…


There are actually many translation services and groups who volunteer to translate. You can find them in odd locations, but they exist. Take one with you. When English is not your clients first language there is liability with your contract. Get it translated as well. You can be accused of taking advantage of their unfamiliarity with English. It sounds like a lot but I had my last Chinese client sit with a translator and go over the Pre-Inspection Agreement and the report. It was a free service, but in the end I had a signed document that he agreed with the report and felt it was sufficient. He did not buy the home. But after many years living overseas, I have experienced the difficult cultural differences in other countries and had many misunderstandings due to languge and culture. The difference is that in the US of A, the liberal courts will back the plantiff in a language case since freedom of speech is well, freedom of speech. So you should consider some language support if you have many foriegn clients. Just my .02 :wink:


Welcome to the world of the HI. I deal with a lot of eastern folks. I never turn on any thing that is off. I know you know that but I personally explain to them when the Bank sends in a plummer I will finish this part of the inspection. I do explain all the things that could go wrong and all the damage. I am not taking that responsibilty. I will set up a day for another inspection. If they don’t like it, I have passed the inspections up.
Realtors that are a pain, I just tell them I write what I see. I do not candy coat anything. They do not pay my insurrance so I do not have to give an account to them. One called me up and yelled at me over an electrical issue.
Said I had an electrician come in! I said, “Was he a certified inspector?” “Well, NO!” Discussion ended! She said in a very abrupt voice, “What do you expect for a $50,000 house?” I said, “Safe and Dry!” I have not heard from the Realtor Again. So What! The couple who was going to buy that house seen me in church front roll, the Lady gave me a BIG HUG and thank me at least 6 times for doing such a good inspection! It helped them not buy that one and they live in another and are happiest people on earth.
The Pain Realtor is ok, a happy client is better.

I don’t answer my phone after 10 pm, unless it is my kids.


I like that…“Safe and Dry!” Well done.

Adam, A Plus

If they don’t buy they will call you to do the next!:shock:


If that happens I will gladly say NO THANKS and tell them to give Darren a call.

The guy calls and I make the correction to his sons name and email to him and 2 hours later he sends a email asking for the corrrections.

This Father in law is a AS_ The realtor new that. This is why she left the inspection.

In regards to the language barrier he understands english and I understood them. He was just was so picky about every little imperfection.


I’ll take em on;)

I’ll bring fortune cookies to keep em busy while I inspect:mrgreen:


Another way to deal with people like the Father-In-Law, is to politely inform everyone who the contract is between. If he is not on the contract
you can not and will not communicate with him. Don’t mention about permission to discuss anything with them. Ex. With my contract, we sign a paper, I will not give a copy or discuss the result with any but the client.
This saves me alot of times. I have Realtors request a copy of the report, I
just say it must come from your client. It keeps me out of the middles of it.
Here is a new one for you. The other day, I had the Realtor call me up to tried and talk her client into buying the house. Not my job, Baby! I did not make the call. It was up to the Real Estate Salesperson to seal the deal.


Thats a BIG DITTO!

“Sorry, I’m not the inspector you need , , ,”