CMI football.

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(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #3

He played in the CFL ya know.

(Daniel W. Levia, CMI, CCHI) #4

yeah I remember…

(Daniel W. Levia, CMI, CCHI) #5

He was pretty good then too.

(Daniel W. Levia, CMI, CCHI) #6

CFL has had some pretty good quarterbacks over the years, Warren Moon played there too.

(Dave Range, CMI) #7

Ask him if he’s tired of answering questions about Lawrence Taylor?

(Larry Kage, CMI) #8

…good ol’ “L.T.” :slight_smile:

(Dave Range, CMI) #9

33 years to the day of Joe Theisman having his leg broken during a game while playing for the Redskins, it happened again, Washington’s QB, Alex Smith breaks his tibia and fibula.

I heard on the radio that the score was the same in both games when the leg breaking occurred but I’m not sure of that.

I also heard that Theisman was at the game.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #10

I used my museum connections (I run 2 museums) to track down some long-lost Theismann stuff including the only bronze signature stamp and the program to his first appearance at Notre Dame. I gave them to him and he was blown away. He was contracted to shoot 2 commercials for us… he shot 30+.

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #11

You did have him sign other fballs to give away during the Christmas party didn’t you?
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