CMI football.



He played in the CFL ya know.

yeah I remember…

He was pretty good then too.

CFL has had some pretty good quarterbacks over the years, Warren Moon played there too.

Ask him if he’s tired of answering questions about Lawrence Taylor?

…good ol’ “L.T.” :slight_smile:

33 years to the day of Joe Theisman having his leg broken during a game while playing for the Redskins, it happened again, Washington’s QB, Alex Smith breaks his tibia and fibula.

I heard on the radio that the score was the same in both games when the leg breaking occurred but I’m not sure of that.

I also heard that Theisman was at the game.

I used my museum connections (I run 2 museums) to track down some long-lost Theismann stuff including the only bronze signature stamp and the program to his first appearance at Notre Dame. I gave them to him and he was blown away. He was contracted to shoot 2 commercials for us… he shot 30+.

You did have him sign other fballs to give away during the Christmas party didn’t you?
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