I'm sponsoring NFL great Joe Theismann's appearance at 3 Days of Secrets Revealed.

Please join former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann and Nick Gromicko at 3 Days of Secrets Revealed in Dallas, Texas on February 22-25, 2016.

All InterNACHI members can register at Gold Member price of only $297.

Be there!

I hope they don’t make Joe dress up as Captain Kirk or something! ������

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I know what you’re sayin’ though. Mike has a little too much fun with these events. :wink:

Anyway, Joe is going to give a great talk on business success. Come on down if you can make it.

I’m sure Joe will give an interesting talk!

But I’ve been inside “The Vault of Secrets”, it was almost completely empty, except for a framed quote on the wall by one P.T. Barnum! :wink:

Did he play in the NFL too? I know he started his pro career in the Canadian Football League.

His football career ended horrifically. I saw it live.

He won a Super Bowl as QB of the Washington Redskins.

There is always a lot of InterNACHI members at this event. Maybe there will be even more this year.

Nice to see that Mr. Witt continues to act as if he knows what MIC is all about when he actually has no idea. :slight_smile:

MIC events are 90% InterNACHI.

You know the P.T. Barnum quote Troy?

I was going to say that you should ask Joe about the time Lawrence Taylor broke his leg on Monday Night Football.

That was the type of play that people with a weak stomach shouldn’t view.

I do, which is why I know you have no idea what it is about.

I think Theismann is know just as much for how his career ended as he is for winning a SB.

It’s a good event. Everyone should consider attending. InterNACHI members save hundreds and will definitely learn things that will make it financially worthwhile.


The quote is from P.T. Barnum.

“A sucker is born every minute.”

You are correct, I know nothing about that.

Cuz I’m not a sucker.

I was watching it also. That was kind of nasty to see, and I bet it hurt like hel.l


Even if you don’t attend a single presentation just being around so many like-minded inspection business owners who are committed to success makes the event worth coming to.

Hey Nick,

This article just popped about Joe’s injury way back when.
Let me know if you can open it as I have a subscription.



See ya all next week: http://www.3daysofsecretsrevealed.com/2016/