CMI® throw rug catches insulation and protects the home's tile and carpeting.

Member Ron Cleland came up with this great idea:

That is a nice piece, how do I go about getting one.

Here is one option…

They’re in!

Are they non-slip on tile with say an extension ladder?

Good question. That’s what I need…a nice non-slip pad for setting up a telescoping ladder on polished tile floor.

We have a couple rubber backed carpet squares (2’x2"? or close) in the van that work very well.

They are more of a woven mat than a carpet. So somewhere between a throw rug and a rubber doormat in terms of slipperiness. The rubber-backed ones are much heavier and can’t be thrown in the washing machine.

Just ordered one, could have used this today, attic access in closet with tile floor and 12’ ceiling. Reminded me of the first time I had an issue with this several years ago… almost became a statistic.

I scratched up a hardwood floor once when I didn’t realize the bottom of my ladder had a stone stuck in it.

I would like to order 15 of these… Might it be possible to have our brand logo put on them side by side with the InterNACHI logo?

Andrew Fox

Nice to have one for the CPI’s.

We will eventually. The problem is that even though there are 20 times the number of CPIs than there are CMIs… CMIs actually spend more. When we release a new product, CMIs buy it. One CMI on Friday ordered 15 of these.

Mine arrived awhile back… it is a quality item, however it is not non-slip on tile floors IMHO.

I ordered one, and received it very nice quality for the price, bigger than I thought.

very nice.