CMI® throw rug protects the floor when you inspect the attic

Hope it has a non skid backing so if someone decides to set up an telescoping ladder on it on a hardwood floor or tile floor.

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It is way too small:

I used old sheets to catch insulation and rubber backed carpet samples for telescoping type ladders in the locations.

"### CMI® Throw Rug

The CMI® Throw Rug catches insulation and protects the home’s tile and carpeting. The text reads, "Caution – Certified Master Inspector® at Work."Features: Mat size: 4.5’x3’ Upper: Poplin (cotton/poly blend) Base: Water-repellent, UV…"


Too small.

So it should be bigger than 3’ x 4’6" ?

I ordered one if for nothing else to keep my ladder shoes off of the new carpet.

But as Marcel stated, I also hope it has some sort of anti-skid on the bottom side, if not I’ll install my own.

The feet span of an 8’ step ladder is 4’. So an 8’ ladder fits on this mat.

But, it won’t catch all the insulation that falls out ALL the time…that’s why I used sheets…they covered the hanging clothes, too.

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I recently went to harbor freight hardware to just go and see the sales they were having. I came across some blue and gray tarps that were only $5.

Yeah, I tried those and they didn’t stay put on the hanging clothes and were more cumbersome. But, iff they work for you…go for it. :smile: