CMI Vehicle Decals

Where are you displaying your CMI pride?

Side doors and cap!

Nice PIC!

If any CMI wants a free CMI decal pack, go here:

I ordered the logos back a few Months ago with other items and when the box arrived Decals were not in there. It took for ever to receive the shipment because Lisa and staff were on vacation.But sure was billed quickly for all other items and shipping cost.

So Nick you should through in a CMI flashlight when send them to me…

The order you placed was on December 31st (New Years Eve). It shipped on January 6th. I have tracking information showing you signed for it if you need it.


I also reshipped the decal order to you this morning. No charge.

One of our practices (which sometimes causes a problem) to avoid wasting packing material is to simply include a free inspection book (whatever we have lots in stock of) with the decals. We eat that cost because we’d rather you have a free inspection book than a bunch of styrofoam peanuts. We stick the decals in the book to keep them from bending during shipping.

Thank you

Just ordered mine. Not sure where on the truck they are going yet as it is a little busy already. I’m sure I will find a place though!!

You could always put it on the hub cap my friend.

got three on my truck

I have them on both sides of the Transit


We need some wind breakers with the CMI logo on the front upper pocket area and on the back we need a large CMI logo with large letters that say “Certified Master Inspector”.

That would be cool.

For those who want to, they could also had to the sleeves some patches for InterNACHI,
Infrared Certified, and a patch that says “Bad to the Bone”]( (I just threw that in for fun).

They say they are magnets but I received stickers

Nice pick Baker thumbs up!