Hot PIC: CMI inspection vehicle in Los Angeles.

Get your free CMI decals here:

Very nice. I like the clean, uncluttered look (not too busy).

CMI sticks out like a sore thumb.:mrgreen:

The little guy looks like a cartoon character I don’t care for it the little guy does not match the professional image IMO

It looks very good.

very nice

Congrats on the grand. :smiley:

I am putting them on my shirts. Maybe a tattoo is in order as well.

Thanks Robert

I do nearly 700 inspections a year and haven’t had any bad comments. This guy is on all my promo as well.

Thanks Kevin. I shopped around but Fast Signs actually did it on the 3M UV vinyl.

That CMI sticker cost you a $1000 bucks too.

Not technically correct! But I will allow Nick to explain why.:wink:

Kevin is correct. The CMI designation doesn’t cost any CMI anything. If I ever found out that a CMI designation didn’t generate black ink for the inspector, I’d find the tallest building in Boulder, jump out the top window, and cut my throat on the way down.

To each his own, different strokes for different folks I never did like the little sherlock holmes with the spy glass image either that so many guys used;-)

that would leave a mark…just sayin…

Just got my truck back today, the CMI logo measures 15". combination of vinyl and 3m wrap. When we get a sunny day, I’ll photo it and post it.