CMIs automatically qualify for a home inspectors license in Alberta.

News Report
CMI’s recognized in Alberta Canada as qualified home inspectors.

Congrats Nick

Congrats John.

You guys are pretty busy patting each other on the back, but, it was Vern that made it happen.


High five to Vern.

Thanks guys
I would also like to point out that CMI’s were also sectioned and given the responsibility of proctoring all Home inspectors that must now have a licence in Alberta to do Home Inspections.

Because of these new regulations I have set up a CMI web site for Alberta CMI’s

Go to to see our new CMI chapter web site. The members listed are CMI’s in good standing in InterNACHI and InterNACHI Alberta.
We have set this site up to facilitate communication between Alberta CMI’s and for the InterNACHI members to contact CMI’s to do InterNACHI sanctioned peer reviews as per our approved procedures and required by the new Alberta government Home Inspection Business Regulations.
To maintain your listing you must follow the review procedures sanctioned by the Government and the Alberta Chapter and a member in good standing with InterNACHI and InterNACHI (Alberta Chapter).

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