Service Alberta lists InterNACHI on government website.

**An approved home inspection designation or licence **from an approved industry association or regulatory body

An approved home inspection designation includes:

  • CMI (Certified Master Inspector) granted by the Master Inspector Certification Boards, Inc.
  • RHI (Registered Home Inspector) granted byCAHPI (Alberta) / (Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (Alberta))
  • Associate Inspector from CAHPI (Alberta)
  • National Certification Program from the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC)

A licence from an approved regulatory body includes:

  • Home Inspector licence from Consumer Protection BC


So all I have to do is send in my certificate? No proctured exam?

.]( I assume you need to complete listed courses, Become a licensed home inspector in Alberta plus proctored exam, plus peer review, if you haven`t already.

Could be but have not heard anything.

Very True. some one must know if the Alberta Government approved .

Read first email in We are waiting on that letter to learn what the “basic conditions” are.


See Mr Tasker Nicks got your back so RELAX!!!:smiley:

Ill Relax when this is all over, I see by the posts, a little stress is hitting Ontario, (same concerns) these are all natural responses, when your industry is experiencing changes and your are in the dark, but, if its all good its all good, thanks.

Looking forward to the day when we can all relax again, we are all pioneers in the license issue in Canada.

Understandably, licensing makes everyone tense at first, wherever it is adopted.

They are rejecting any clauses in the contract that has any mention of time limits and limits on liability etc. It’s becoming a nightmare.

Can’t wait till the first call comes in a year after I did the inspection about a hidden defect. I can try and appease them or see them in court. I have no other recourse. And we wonder why Home Inspectors in Alberta are dropping like flies!!!

Who in their right mind would invoke a law with no statute of limitations. Builders have one, doctors, lawyers, the actual legal system has one, so why would there be no limitation for a home inspection???..sounds like a law set up for one purpose…litigation and we all know who makes the money there! So really who is behind the push for licensing…the Canadian Bar Assoc.hmmmm! IMO

This lobbied regulation and licensing was rammed down the Alberta’s legislators throats with the cries of CAHPI’S " save me from my competitor."
Some gave more than others to insure INACHI Home Inspectors, the association along with the designation CMI was not lost.
They instilled a new chapter in the Home Inspection industry.
Now there is another educator in the industry leveling a once almost monopolized industry.
The for money, power, and fame chapter is slowly being changed due to several committed INCHI Home inspectors that deserve a great deal of recognition.
Just my view. playing both sides of the coin.
Shame on the ones that made half commitments, left stress, seemed to abused loyalty that left many questioning their commitment to the industry and the association.
I saw it as; Remember not all can be explained due to extreme importance. Only certian individuals where on a need to know basses.

That being said, Required Proctored Exams Being Offered** **
on September 13 in Edmonton

InterNACHI is pleased to announce that its online course program has been approved by the government of Alberta, Canada, for the licensing of home inspectors and has been listed on the Service Alberta government website.

Applicants will have to complete InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses from the comfort of their own homes (see curriculum link below) and take two comprehensive proctored exams (being offered in Edmonton on September 13, 2011). Each exam is 250 questions and applicants can take (write) one exam in the morning, stop for a lunch break, then take (write) one exam in the afternoon.

The two required exams are being proctored (one in the morning, the other in the afternoon) on September 13, 2011. You can take (write) them back to back. The location is the Mayfield Inn. (

The first exam starts at 9 AM. Bring a photo I.D. such as a driver’s license or passport. Don’t be late.

You must register for the proctored exams prior to September 1st. They are $100 a piece (total: $200). Seating is limited.

To register, visit