CO Detector Calibration / Testing Now at all NACHI Certified Training Seminars!

NACHI Certified Training has teamed up with COSA, the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (, and is now offering calibration of all Bacharach CO detectors and testing of all other CO detectors. This service will be done at a discounted price for all Seminar attendees.

Next Seminars:
Denver, CO - August 2, 2006 - Roofing & HVAC Issues - 7 CE’s
Greenville, SC - August 19, 2006 - Electrical 101 - Paul Abernathy, Instructor

For more info, go to We are willing to work with any NACHI member / NACHI Chapter to bring excellent education to any locality. Go to “Plan An Event” and I will be contact with you shortly!

I was told recently that Co detectors are only good for about 1 year and then need to be replaced. Has any one else ever been told that?