CO testing

I have a general question about CO tests. I use a CO detector to test the ambient air around the furnace at start-up and run modes and I also check a few of the supply registers close to the furnace. I’m curious as to how many inspectors use test equipment to test all the measurements in the flue. Thanks in advace for any feedback.

I perform a combustion analysis and carbon monoxide testing as part of a diagnostic energy audit but I do not test for or remark upon CO in a home inspection report.

I also agree with James. I will point out to my client that there is a problem with CO but not explain what is happening unless proper tests are done IE
Energy Audit or blower door test.

Thanks for the replies. Exactly what I was looking for.

I use a CO monitor as a gut check on furnaces in the plenum air stream. I have found it especially helpful in unoccupied properties. I’ve walked into many with CO levels above 28ppm and Realtors love when I point that out to them when they are spending time during open houses.

I don’t “test” for CO. I have a CO detector in my tool box and if that goes off during the inspection I know there’s an issue.