Do any of you check the evaporator coil in the HVAC equipment?
Reason for my question, is that we got a call from an agent stating that their clients
AC unit went out and the home warranty company will not cover it because the coil as rust on it.
We have never take apart the HVAC to check for rust, we just check temp and that the unit comes on in the cool mode and heat mode. We do recommend that if the unit as not been serviced within the last year that it be serviced by a HVAC technician.

If it’s readily accessible (hand operated panel clips, for example), yes. If it requires removing screws or bolts, no.

HI is to…“open readily openable access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance”

More proof as to what most, if not all, home warranties are worth.

If it is not visible are readily accessible I do not inspect item.